BORING Magazine is a concept magazine that plays with the notion of boredom. After conducting a variety of surveys to discover what people most found ‘boring’, the magazine was constructed with each page a response to some of these things.

In this first issue of BORING Magazine we discover what people have on their bedroom walls; document the growth of a lawn for one month; and talk to Jason Holdaway about his passion for carpet. Also included is a feature on the research that inspired the creation of the magazine and a video celebrating daily chores.

This project was born from an initial interest and exploration of the power of good and bad design, with a belief that design in any form or at any level has the ability to alter the perception of an idea, a person, a product or an activity.

The challenge was to show that design can tease out the ‘interesting’ in anything and even the most boring.

‘Everything is boring. Nothing is boring. This is a magazine that takes boring things and makes them un-boring.’

Best Awards 2014 Finalist, Graphic Design, Student.

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