THE GORGE is a slow developing horror movie set in a small village typical of backcountry New Zealand. The defining point of this village is that it is located deep into a long, dark and winding gorge, which means that the small community is isolated and trapped. These are key themes in the movie that were illustrated in the titles along with fear, tension and a strong feeling of unease.

The movie starts with the body of a local being found washed up on the rocks of the gorge. The locals know that this person was murdered by an individual who is part of a small group of people who have a tight stranglehold over the village. This group has gained control over the village through a culture of fear. The relationship between the locals and this group slowly develops throughout the movie towards a sudden and intense ending. It was essential to portray this idea of slow progression within the title sequence itself.

Best Awards 2014 Finalist, Interactive, Student.

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